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2015 DHCF Medicaid Updates

2015 Listing

12-22-15 Medicaid Update: Transmittal 15-47 2016 CPT-HCPCS Codes Updates [PDF]

01-26-16 Medicaid Update: Transmittal 15-46 Home Health Agencies (HHAs) and Elderly and Persons with Disabilities (EPD) Waiver Case Management Providers [PDF]

12-15-15 Medicaid Update: Transmittal 15-45 Extension of Comment Period Chapter 50 (Medicaid Reimbursement for Personal Care Services), of Title 29 (Public Welfare), of the District of Columbia Municipal Regulations (DCMR) [PDF]

12-11-15 Medicaid Update: Transmittal 15-44 Revised: Notice of Emergency and Proposed Rule for Medicaid Reimbursement for State Plan Personal Care Services [PDF]

11-05-15 Medicaid Update: Transmittal 15-43 Medicaid Primary Care Provider Rate Permanent Extension for Qualified Physicians and Advanced Practice Registered Nurses [PDF]

10-29-15 Medicaid Update: Transmittal 15-42 DHCF and DOEE Joint Letter Regarding Lead Poisoning Prevention Week [PDF]

10-30-15 Medicaid Update: Transmittal 15-41 Application Requirements Changes for Long Term Care Medicaid Beneficiaries [PDF]

10-29-15 Medicaid Update: Transmittal 15-40 Reimbursement Rate Updates for Home Health Agencies [PDF]

10-27-15 Medicaid Update: Transmittal 15-39 EPSDT Well-Child Visits: Billing Requirements, CPT and ICD-10 Coding Updates [PDF]

10-09-15 Medicaid Update: Transmittal 15-38 Payments for Durable Medical Equipment (DME) [PDF]

10-07-15 Medicaid Update: Transmittal 15-37 Implementation of Person-Centered Planning [PDF]

10-05-15 Medicaid Update: Transmittal 15-36 Durable Medical Equipment (DME) Fee Schedule Updates [PDF]

09-30-15 Medicaid Update: Transmittal 15-35 Medicaid PCP Rate Permanent Extension for Qualified Physicians and APRN [PDF]

09-25-15 Medicaid Update: Transmittal 15-34 - FY 2016 Medicaid Hospice Rates [PDF]

09-18-15 Medicaid Update: Transmittal 15-33 - Supporting Community Re-Integrration and Continuity of Care [PDF]

09-10-15 Medicaid Update: Transmittal 15-32 - Date Change for Adult Day Health Program [ADHP] Implementation [PDF]

09-03-15 Medicaid Update: Transmittal 15-31 - Implementation of the Outpatient Hospital Payment Methodology [PDF]

08-19-15 Medicaid Update: Transmittal 15-30 - Reimbursement for Out-of-Pocket (OOP) Health Care Expenditures by Medicaid Beneficiaries [PDF]

08-18-15 Medicaid Update: Transmittal #15-29 - In-Patient Emergency Admissions for Psychiatric Treatment [PDF]

07-31-15 Medicaid Update: Transmittal # 15-28 - Extension of PAs for Personal Care Assistance Services and Extension of Deadline for Submission of Conflict-Free Case Management Self Attestation Forms [PDF]

07-23-15 Medicaid Update: Transmittal 15-27 - Changes to the New Process to Submit Notification of Newborns to Enroll in DC Medicaid and Citrix Access Instructions [PDF]

07-28-15 Medicaid Update: Transmittal 15-26 - Notice to Pharmacies for Medicaid Beneficiaries [PDF]

07-13-15 Medicaid Update: Transmittal 15-25 - Long Term Care Financial Eligibility Policy [PDF]

07-15-15 Medicaid Update: Transmittal 15-24 - Revision of the Preadmission Screening for Resident Review (PASRR) [PDF]

07-15-15 Medicaid Update: Transmittal 15-23 - UPDATED: Nursing Facility Placement Procedures [PDF]

07-07-15 Medicaid Update: Transmittal 15-22 - National Correct Coding Procedure to Procedure Edits [PDF]

07-02-15 Medicaid Update: Transmittal 15-21 - Medicaid State Plan Personal Care Aide Services When Multiple PCA’s Provide Service in the Same Day [PDF]

07-02-15 Medicaid Update: Transmittal 15-20 - Physician-Administered Drug Fee Schedule Update [PDF]

07-02-15 Medicaid Update: Transmittal 15-18 - Laboratory Fee Schedule Updates [PDF]

06-05-15 Medicaid Update: Transmittal 15-17- Changes to the ICF/IID Reimbursement Methodology [PDF]

06-04-15 Medicaid Update: Transmittal 15-16- New Process to Submit Notification of Newborns to Enroll in DC Medicaid [PDF]

05-21-15 Medicaid Update: Transmittal 15-15- Billing for State Plan Adult Day Health Program Services- Revised [PDF]

05-07-15 Medicaid Update: Transmittal 15-14 - Authorization for Personal Care Aide (PCA) Services - Revised [PDF]

605.05.15 Medicaid Update: Transmittal 15-13 - Implementation of the Specialty Hospital Payment Methodology [PDF]  

04.29.15 Medicaid Update: Transmittal 15-12 - Ordering and Referring Physicians; Long-term Care Service and Support Providers [PDF]

04.21.15 Medicaid Update: Transmittal 15-11 - Implementation of the Inpatient Hospital Payment Methodology [PDF]

03.24.15 Medicaid Update: Transmittal 15-10 - Provider Application Fee [PDF]

03.20.15 Medicaid Update: Transmittal 15-09 Prior Authorization Extensions Due to late Long-term Care Assessments [PDF]

03.17.15 Medicaid Update: Transmittal 15-08 Medicaid Recovery Audit Contractor (RAC) Program [PDF]

03.03.15 Medicaid Update: Transmittal 15-07 New Managed Care Enrollment Procedures [PDF]

01.29.15 Medicaid Update: Transmittal 15-05 Reimbursement of Out-of-Pocket Expenditures for Non-Managed Care Medicaid Beneficiaries [PDF]

01.29.15 Medicaid Update: Transmittal 15-04 Authorization Procedures for Organ Transplantation [PDF]

01.29.15  Medicaid Update: Transmittal 15-03 Procedures for Reimbursement of Out-of-Pocket Expenditures [PDF]

01.29.15 Medicaid Update: Transmittal 15-02 Procedure Code Modifier Combinations [PDF]

01.13.15  Medicaid Update: Transmittal 15-01 Reimbursement Rates Updates for Home Health Agencies  [PDF]