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2013 DHCF Medicaid Updates

2013 Listing

12.26.13    Medicaid Update: Transmittal 14-10 2014 CPT-HCPCS Codes Updates [PDF]

12.12.13    Medicaid Update: Transmittal # 14-09 New Quality Improvement for the District of Columbia [PDF]

12.03.13    Medicaid Update: Transmittal #14-06 FFS Medicaid Co-Pay Waiver Transmittal (Amended) [PDF]

11.27.13    Medicaid Update: Transmittal #14-08 Provider Enrollment and Safeguard Changes Under the Affordable Care Act [PDF]

11.27.13    Medicaid Update: Transmittal #14-07 New Rule Highlights: Beneficiairy Eligibility, Service Authorization, Referrals, Program Requirements [PDF]

11.20.13    Medicaid Update: Transmittal #14-04 Personal Care Aide Services Rule Change Updated [PDF]

11.12.13    Medicaid Update: Transmittal #14-05 Reimbursement to Trained Primary Care Providers for Fluoride Varnish Application for Patients Under Three Years of Age [PDF]

10.31.13    Medicaid Update: Transmittal #14-03 FY 2014 Medicaid Hospice Rates [PDF]

10.30.13    Medicaid Update: Transmittal #14-02 Notice to Pharmacies for Medicaid Beneficiaries [PDF]

10.07.13    Medicaid Update: Transmittal #14-01 Fiscal Year (FY2014) ICF/IID Medicaid Reimbursement Rates [PDF]

09.23.13    Medicaid Update: Transmittal #13-16 Hospital Claims for Medicaid Reimbursable Emergency Medical Services for DC Health Care Alliance Beneficiaries [PDF]

09.23.13    Medicaid Update: Transmittal #13-15 Dialysis Coverage for DC Health Care Alliance [PDF]

08.15.13    Medicaid Update: Transmittal #13-14 DC Medicaid Recovery Process when Medicare is the Primary Payer [PDF]

08.06.13    Medicaid Update: Transmittal #13-13 False Claims Compliance and Oversight [PDF]

07.17.13    Medicaid Update: Transmittal #13-12 Alliance Pharmacy Program Transition from Unity Health Care Pharmacies to DCPP Network [PDF]

07.15.13    Medicaid Update: Transmittal #13-11 Alliance Pharmacy Program - Transition from Unity Health Care Pharmacies to the District of Columbia Pharmacy Poriver (DCPP) Network [PDF]

06.21.13    Medicaid Update: Transmittal #13-10 District of Columbia EPSDT/HealthCheck Periodicity Schedule [PDF]

05.15.13    Medicaid Update: Transmittal #13-09 Increased Medicaid Reimbursement for Primary Care Services Under the Affordable Care Act [PDF]

04.25.13    Medicaid Update: Transmittal #13-08 Clarification of Reimbursement Under the FY13 ICF/IID Rate Model [PDF]

03.27.13    Medicaid Update: Transmittal #13-07 New Dental Procedures available for DC Medicaid Children and CDT Coding Changes for the Topical Application of Fluoride [PDF]

02.11.13    Medicaid Update: Transmittal #13-06 Policies and Procedures for the Qualified Medicare Beneficiary (QMB) and Specified Low-Income Medicare Beneficiary (SLMB) Programs [PDF]

01.31.13    Medicaid Update: Transmittal #13-05 Policy Guidance on Medicaid Cost Sharing Responsibilities for Dual Eligible Beneficiaries in Psychiatric Hospitals [PDF]

01.28.13    Medicaid Update: Transmittal #13-04 Reimbursement of Out-of-Pocket Expenditures for Medicaid Beneficiaries Not Enrolled in Managed Care [PDF]

01.28.13    Medicaid Update: Transmittal #13-03 District of Columbia Medicaid Managed Care Organizations [PDF]

01.15.13    Medicaid Update: Transmittal #13-02 2013 CPT-HCPCS Codes Updates [PDF]

01.03.13    Medicaid Update: Transmittal #13-01 Emergency Medicaid Hospital Services Policy for Alliance Beneficiaries - Clarification Reagarding Claiming for Labor and Delivery [PDF]