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2019 DHCF Medicaid Updates

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12-31-19 Medicaid Update: Transmittal 19-31 (rev) - Services Provided in Institutions for Mental Disease for Medicaid Beneficiaries Aged 21-64

12-31-19 Medicaid Update: Transmittal 19-30- Medicaid Fee Schedule Updates for the Intermediate Care Facilities (ICF) for Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities (ICFIID)

12-24-19 Medicaid Update: Transmittal 19-29-2020 HCPCS -CPT Code Updates

12-24-19 Medicaid Update: Transmittal-19-28 Independent Practice for Psychologists and Other Licensed Practitioners (OLPs)

12-19-19 Medicaid Update: Transmittal 19-27-Removal of the Co-Pay for Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) Drug Products

12-19-19 Medicaid Update: Transmittal 19-26_Billing Guidance for Medicaid Section 1115 Behavioral Health Transformation Demonstration Services

12-19-19 Medicaid Update: Transmittal 19-25- Enrollment of New Behavioral Health Provider Types

12-17-19 Medicaid Update: Transmittal 19-25- Enrollment of New Behavioral Health Provider Types

10-24-19 Medicaid Update: Transmittal 19-24-DHCF-DOEE Joint Letter Regarding Lead Poisoning Prevention Week

9-26-19 Medicaid Update: Transmittal 19-23: FY 2020 Medicaid Hospice Rates

9-26-19 Medicaid Update: Transmittal 19-22-Adjustment to the ICF/IID Medicaid Reimbursement Rates Following Implementation of the District's UPLA

9-26-19 Medicaid Update: Transmittal 19-20-Enrollment & Code and Rate for Lactation Consultation Services

9-17-19 Medicaid Update: Transmittal 19-21-Revised Prescription Order Form (POF) for Long Term Services and Supports (LTSS)

9-12-19 Medicaid Update: Transmittal 19-19-Removal of Prior Authorization (PA) Requirement for HCPCS Code J0887 and J0888

8-06-19 Medicaid Update: Transmittal 19-18 -Policy and Procedure: Coverage of Medical Abortions

7-22-19 Medicaid Update: Transmittal 19-17- District of Columbia Long Term Care Nursing Facilities' Quality Improvement Program

7-03-19 Medicaid Update: Transmittal 19-16-UPDATE: FQHC Performance Payment Program Provider Aggregation

6-28-19 Medicaid Update: Transmittal 19-15-FQHC Performance Payment Program – Performance Bonus Funding Pool

5-15-19 Medicaid Update: Transmittal 19-14 – Removal of Prior Authorization (PA) Requirements for Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) Drug Products

5-13-19 Medicaid Update: Transmittal 19-13 – Pediatric Mental Health and Maternal Depression Screening Coverage and Tools

4-10-19 Medicaid Update: Transmittal 19-12 – Final Reminder: Program Year 2018 of the DC Medicaid EHR Incentive Program Will Close on April 15, 2019

4-01-19 Medicaid Update: Transmittal 19-07 – Institutional Claims: Attending Provider Enrollment and NPI Requirements

3-29-19 Medicaid Update: Transmittal 19-11 – Removal of Prior Authorization Requirements for Medication-Assisted Treatments

3-25-19 Medicaid Update: Transmittal 19-10 – UPDATE: Prior Authorization Process for Therapeutic Abortions under the District of Columbia (DC) Fee-For-Service (FFS) Medicaid Program

3-25-19 Medicaid Update: Transmittal 19-09 – Update of Reimbursement Rates for Emergency Medical Transportation Services

3-25-19 Medicaid Update: Transmittal 19-08 – Notice of Pricing Updates to the Medicaid Fee Schedule

3-20-19 Medicaid Update: Transmittal 19-06 - National Children's Dental Health Month, Dental Procedures and Billing Requirements

3-14-19 Medicaid Update: Transmittal 19-05 Medicaid Recovery Audit Contractor Starting in FY2019

2-05-19 Medicaid Update: Transmittal 19-04 - Revised Procedures for Out-of-District Placements

1-31-19 Medicaid Update: Transmittal 19-03 - Reimbursement for Out-of-Pocket Expenditures for Non-Managed Care Medicaid Beneficiaries

1-31-19 Medicaid Update: Transmittal 19-02 - Reimbursement for Out-of-Pocket Expenditures for Managed Care Medicaid Beneficiaries

1-28-19 Medicaid Update: Transmittal 19-01 - Providers Can Now Attest to Program Year 2018 of the DC Medicaid EHR Incentive Program through April 15, 2019