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Medicaid Director Letters

Medicaid Director Letters convey information about forthcoming changes to a program, policy, or operations that will be effectuated through a State Plan Amendment, Rule, or policy. This document type does not formally establish or implement policy but provides an overview of forthcoming policy changes.

2023 Listing

11-03-23 Medicaid Director Letter - MDL 23-03 - 1115 Waiver

05-09-23 Medicaid Director Letter - MDL 23-02 -  Maternal Health Advisory Group

03-10-23 Medicaid Director Letter - MDL 23-01 - Advance Care Planning in the DC HIE

2022 Listing

12-14-22 Medicaid Director Letter - MDL 22-05 HIPAA and Digital Health TA

09-26-22 Medicaid Director Letter - MDL 22-04 Perinatal Mental Health Taskforce

04-18-22 Medicaid Director Letter - MDL 22-03 CASSIP

04-07-22 Medicaid Director Letter – MDL 22-02 1915(c) Waiver Renewal: District of Columbia Elderly and Persons with Physical Disabilities Waiver

03-31-22 Medicaid Director Letter - MDL 22-01  2022 SMHP Update

01-06-22 Medicaid Director Letter - MDL  21-04 (rev.) - Implementation of an Integrated Medicare-Medicaid D-SNP Program Effective February 1, 2022

2021 Listing

12-17-21 Medicaid Director Letter - MDL 21-07 Maternal Health Advisory Group and Related Stakeholder Outreach

12-02-21 Medicaid Director Letter - MDL 21-06 BH Transformation Update Timeline 2021

09-30-21 Medicaid Director Letter -  ARPA Section 9817 Direct Care Worker Vaccination Incentive Initiative Overview

09-03-21 Medicaid Director Letter - Implementation of an Integrated Medicare-Medicaid D-SNP Program Effective January 1, 2022

08-17-21 Medicaid Director Letter - Frequently Asked Questions Related to DHCF Operations After the Conclusion of the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency

03-10-21 Medicaid Director Letter - CASSIP Enrollment Eligibility for Individuals Aged 21-26

06-02-21 Medicaid Director Letter - CASSIP: Interim Procedure to Request Disability Determination for Non-SSI Recipients of D.C. Medicaid