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Partnering with DHCF

Partnering with DHCF on Health Reform and Innovation Initiatives

The Department of Health Care Finance (DHCF) welcomes opportunities to collaborate with organizations and individuals in our community in support of the Department’s health reform goals.   Staff meets regularly with community partners to discuss ideas and proposals to enhance health care quality, improve care and outcomes, promote health equity, and enhance the value and efficiency of DHCF’s programs. Please direct all meeting requests and inquiries regarding partnership opportunities to [email protected]

DHCF develops formal partnerships on a case-by-case basis. Because expectations and participation requirements vary widely depending on specifics of each opportunity, DHCF must be selective in formally supporting partnerships, including participation in grant applications.

The Department has developed the following process for establishing formal partnerships in any instance where a formal notice of commitment or support is requested from DHCF.  Examples include: 

  • a formal letter of commitment,  
  • a memorandum of agreement, and/or
  • a memorandum of understanding  

Any request for DHCF to prepare or analyze DHCF data will entail additional requirements, including but not limited to the completion of DHCF’s Business Associates Agreement or DHCF’s Data Use Agreement, as appropriate for the type of project. 

Timeline and Process to Formalize Partnerships 

As soon as possible, and no less than 30 days prior to a submission due date, partners must provide DHCF with a brief statement of interest in partnering with DHCF on a particular program.  This statement should be emailed to [email protected] and include the following four components: 

1. A brief description of the goals of the project or initiative and a high-level synopsis of the proposed partnership.

  • Project plan should articulate the value of the proposed program to DC Medicaid beneficiaries, including DHCF’s delivery system improvement principles to improve health care and wellness in the District of Columbia
  • Submitters are encouraged to indicate alignment with the District’s strategic initiatives’ and relevant goals, such as:
  • DC’s State Innovation Model planning Grant (2016): Better Health Together
  • Community Health Needs Assessment (2016): DC Health Matters
  • District of Columbia Health Systems Plan
  • The State Health Medicaid Innovation Plan (2017): Better Health Together
  • The State Medicaid Health Information Technology Plan (2018):  Improving Care through Innovation

2. A list of key partnering organizations and their roles. 

3. DHCF’s proposed role in the project, including: 

  • length of partnership (or ongoing)
  • estimated level of effort for DHCF staff and identified DHCF subject matter experts (if appropriate)
  • Data or other required resources to be provided by DHCF

4. A proposed timeline for DHCF to complete elements of the proposal.  Please indicate dates by which DHCF: 

  • Will receive information (e.g. required forms); and
  • Deadlines by which DHCF must complete materials (e.g. budgetary information, data requests, etc).
  • Outline of steps to be taken by lead organization and DHCF after submission of materials  

DHCF will acknowledge receipt of statements of interest within two (2) business days of submission. Staff will evaluate and respond to all opportunities within ten (10) business days. 

DHCF reserves the right to decline or discontinue partnership at any point in this process and may decline to participate for any reason, including insufficient time to review and complete materials or insufficient resources to support staff effort on specific analytic or programmatic activities. 

**In circumstances such as a quick-turnaround funding opportunity, DHCF will evaluate the feasibility of participating and reserves the option to modify and shorten timelines.