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Attention Medicaid beneficiaries: If you received a letter from CareFirst Community Health Plan DC-Experian regarding a data breach, 
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Providers - EVV

DCHF has contracted with Sandata Technologies LLC to deliver the EVV system, as well as to provide system orientation and training to providers.  Although you are required to participate, there is no cost for the EVV system to you or the individuals receiving services.

Expected Actions:

  • Visit the website regularly and attend EVV status meetings, to ensure that you stay informed on the program;
  • Attend required training to understand how to capture visits and use/understand the overall functionality of the DHCF Sandata EVV solution;
  • Providers will train their staff on how to use the DHCF EVV solution and ensure that they are educated on the provider agency’s visit capture rules

Benefits of the EVV system include: 

  • Helps providers track individual worker’s activity, reducing the likelihood of errors or fraud;
  • Increases efficiency because tracking is automated and claims submission is cleaner;
  • Improves quality of care by making workers’ activities transparent and measurable;
  • We encourage you to visit the website often for the latest EVV news.

We look forward to working with you on a successful EVV program. If you have questions about EVV please contact [email protected]

For technical assistance, Providers please contact Sandata
Phone  (855) 962-1322
Email  [email protected]