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Optional State Supplement Payment Program

The Optional State Supplemental Payment Program (OSSP) provides a special supplement to eligible individuals who reside in an Adult Foster Care Home which consists of Certified Residential Facilities (CRFs) and Adult Living Facilities (ALFs). Individuals must be eligible to receive Social Security Income (SSI) payments or meet the SSI disability standard to qualify for OSSP payments. This program is managed and monitored by the Department of Health Care Finance (DHCF), Department of Behavioral Health (DBH) and the Social Security Administration (SSA) in collaboration with other public and private agencies. 
Who is eligible?
You may be eligible for OSSP, if you:
  • Are a District resident
  • Reside in a District licensed Adult Foster Care Homes
  • Are eligible for Supplemental Security Income (SSI) or meet SSI eligibility standards
  • Meet the SSI resource eligibility requirements of $2,000 or $3,000 for couple
  • Meet the Income limit for individuals of $1,206 for one (1) person or $2,412 for a Couple
What services are covered? 
If you are found eligible for the OSSP program, you are automatically eligible for Medicaid. You will have access to all Medicaid-approved services. 
For More Information
For more information about the OSSP and how you may enroll, please contact the Department of Behavioral Health on (202) 673-7440 or email [email protected]
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