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Angelique Martin, Deputy Director, Finance, DHCF

District of Columbia Department of Health Care Finance

Angelique Martin, Deputy Director, Finance, DHCF

Angelique Martin is the Deputy Director of Finance for the District’s Medicaid agency which supports health coverage for its residents through various service delivery models. These models include traditional Medicaid as well as the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP), the Immigrant Children’s Program (ICP) and the DC Healthcare Alliance program. In her role, Angelique also serves as a top advisor to the Agency Director on DHCF’s financial operations in a capacity that is independent of the work performed by the Office of the Chief Financial Officer (OCFO). This is accomplished with support by the Office of Rates, Reimbursement and Financial Analysis (ORRFA).

Angelique’s executive-level responsibilities include ensuring alignment between the agency’s budget proposal and programmatic requirements with the Mayor’s funding priorities, monitoring spending trends to promote compliance with the Anti-Deficiency Act, and performing complex analyses of numerous cost drivers to forecast any fiscal impact. Under Angelique’s leadership, ORRFA secures timely payment of invoices, monitors and reports utilization of Small Business Enterprise (SBE) expenses, and also provides reporting and justification of DHCF’s financial activities for leadership and key stakeholders. Angelique also has oversight of the rate setting process including timely implementation, resolution of provider billing and audit issues pertaining to rates, and shepherding projects to completion in accordance with existing policy objectives for OCFO review and endorsement.

Angelique has a total of 23 years of District Government experience. Prior to her promotion to the Deputy Director in 2018, Angelique was the Associate Director of Finance within ORRFA from the time of the administration’s establishment in 2014. Additionally, she has 17 years of management experience in the OCFO’s Human Support Services Cluster in supporting the Associate Chief Financial Officer with administration of budget and grants management.

Angelique received her Bachelor of Science Degree in Management Studies with a focus on Health Care Administration from University of Maryland, University College.