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DC Healthy Families

DC Healthy Families is a program of the DC Department of Health Care Finance that provides free health insurance for District residents and their children.

Who is eligible for DC Healthy Families?

DC Healthy Families provides free coverage for working families who: 

  • Live in the District of Columbia,
  • Do not have health insurance,
  • Have incomes up to 200 percent of the Federal Poverty Level (FPL).
  • Have incomes up to 300 percent of the Federal Poverty Level (FPL) if covering children only.

Once you apply for DC Healthy Families, it only takes about a month to find out if your family qualifies for benefits through one of our excellent health plans:

  • DC Chartered Health Plan
  • United Healthcare Community Plan

Children’s Health Services [PDF]

Income Levels for Children Only

Persons in Family or Household Monthly Income Yearly Income
1 $2,600.00 $31,200.00
2 $3,500.00 $42,000.00
3 $4,400.00 $52,800.00
4 $5,300.00 $63,600.00
5 $6,200.00 $74,400.00
6 $7,100.00 $85,200.00
7 $8,000.00 $96,000.00
8 $8,900.00 $106,800.00
For each additional person add  $900.00 $10,800.00


300 percent of FPL

Income Levels for Entire Family

Persons in Family or Household Monthly Income Yearly Income
1 $1,733.33 $20,420.00
2 $2,333.33 $27,380.00
3 $2,933.33 $34,340.00
4 $3,533.33 $41,300.00
5 $4,133.33 $48,260.00
6 $4,733.33 $55,220.00
7 $5,333.33 $62,180.00
8 $5,933.33 $69,140.00
For each additional person add $600.00 $6,960.00


200 percent of FPL

What services does DC Healthy Families cover/include?

  • Doctors visits
  • Vision
  • Dental care
  • Prescription medicines
  • Hospitalization and more

Where do I join DC Healthy Families?

You can fill out an application at any of the places listed below. After you submit your application, it takes about 30 days for you to hear whether you have been approved for enrollment. If you are, you will receive a membership card. Once you are enrolled in DC Healthy Families, you must fill out a form every 12 months to prove that you are still eligible to receive benefits.

DC Healthcare Alliance Enrollment Locations

DC General
1900 Massachusetts Avenue, SE
Washington, DC 20003
Southwest Community Clinic
850 Delaware Avenue, SW
Washington, DC 20024
Hunt Place Clinic
4130 Hunt Place, NE
Washington, DC 20019
United Medical Center
1310 Southern Avenue, SE
Washington, DC 20032
Anacostia Clinic
1328 W Street, SE
Washington, DC 20020
Congress Heights Clinic
3720 Martin Luther King, Jr. Avenue, SE
Washington, DC 20032
Walker-Jones Clinic
1100 First Street, NW
Washington, DC 20001


Service Contact: 
DC Healthy Families Enrollment Office
Contact Phone: 
(202) 639-4030
Contact TTY: 
(202) 639-4041
Contact Suite #: 
Office Hours: 
Monday,Tuesday,Thursday,Friday 8am to 7pm. Wednesday 8am to 9pm. Every Third Saturday 9am to 1pm
Service Location: 

6856 Eastern Ave NW

GIS Address: 
6856 Eastern Avenue, NW Suite 206