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More Information & Frequently Asked Questions About PACE

This page reflects the most frequently asked questions DHCF receives and will be updated with more information as it becomes available. You may subscribe to email updates by contacting Jacqueline Gould at [email protected]

When do you expect the program to launch?  The program is expected to launch in late 2020.   

Will the District accept provider proposals from for-profit PACE programs? Yes.

Why is the District targeting a smaller geographic area, not allowing enrollment District-wide? All PACE programs are limited by service area to ensure targeted, community-integrated and community-based services for enrollees. The District has selected Wards 7 and 8 for its initial PACE program because of the high number of Medicaid beneficiaries requiring long-term services and supports who already reside in those wards.

How many providers will be endorsed to participate? In this initial round, DHCF will endorse one provider to participate. If that provider is approved by CMS to participate, that provider will then enroll and begin operating as the District’s PACE provider. In future years, DHCF may expand its PACE program in the event sufficient need for the program in other areas of the city can be determined.

How will DHCF notify providers of whether they have been endorsed? The provider review and endorsement process will occur through a typical Request for Proposal review and selection process. The provider will be notified subsequent to DC government review. Providers that are not selected will also be notified.